Part 1 : Introduction of IBS



After the first lesson for ar Embong, so now i know a bit about the IBS system. IBS actually the keywords of Industrial Building System which is it will minimize on site activities. Definitions of IBS are a Construction process that utilizes techniques, products, components or building systems which involve prefabricated components and on-site installation.

IBS widely used in the construction around the 20th century. (Normally for housing project) the example building is The Crystal Palace, London 1851. It was a highly visible example of iron and glass Prefabrication Construction.

The Crystal Palace, London 1851. ( thanks to )

IBS can be only classified in 5 categories which is Block work System, Prefabricated Timber Framing System, Steel Framing System, Steel Form-work System, Pre-cast Concrete Framing, Panel & Box System…I am quite sleepy right now..ohmai! ZzzZ...

Now, let’s jump to the next topic. The essential Characteristics of IBS. There got 11 points of the characteristics, which is Closed System, Open System, Modular Coordinator (MC) Standardization and Tolerances, Mass Production, Specialization, Good Organization, Integration, Production Facility, Transportation, Equipment at Site...fuhhh...quite hard to remember every points.. (T.T) crying...

oh here is the advantage and disadvantages that I has read from the En.Embong's Slides =) so sharing is caring..from the lesson that I learned, the advantages of this system are it Reliable Construction, Faster Construction, High Strength and High Load Capacity, High Quality Product and also such a Cheaper Construction. The disadvantages are Connection must be precise and detailed; Transportation must be higher, Only economic for a large building, Expensive in capital investment for the machineries requirements. So there is what I have learned today. Next lesson is about the pre-cast concrete element.

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