Part 2 : Pre-Cast Concrete Frame


To begin the lesson, Ar. Embong has told that the comparison between steel and concrete. Steel is a material that very fast to install compare with concrete but concrete is cheaper material then steel. For Pre-cast Concrete Frame (Beam and Column) there have 2 types of system which is partially Pre-cast that only horizontal members are pre-cast, column being cast in-situ and another one is Wholly Pre-Cast that pre-cast column up to 5 storeys in height, which minimize site labor. As what I noticed actually, Pre-cast frames can be fabricated in a number of different ways which is Pre-cast beam and column, Pre-cast frame unit (single cast unit of beam and column) and Composite Structure.

After knew the types of pre-cast beam and column, the lecturer continue the lesson with another sub topic is Pre-cast Concrete Frame for floor system. There have main types of floor system which is Pre-cast Beam Floor ( solid, hollow, channel and structural Tee ) , Pre-cast ribs and fillers, Pre-stressed floor and Large pre-cast floor panels. Commonly construction used Pre-Cast Beam Floor. The good thing if used the Pre-cast Beam Floor is the underside (soffit) can be left smooth or apply the ceiling.
credit toAr. Embong's slides

Now, I want to share about the other IBS concrete element is wall panel. There are 2 main types, the concrete box frame and Large Pre-cast Panel Structure. The concrete box frame can go up to 10 to 11 storey, although the lowest 2 storey require stronger grade of concrete. Compare to the large Pre-Cast panel structure it can go up to 3-4 storey height for external wall. There are also available for Pre-cast bathroom units.
Before end of the class I had learned also about the advantages if using this pre-cast system. The advantages are highly reliable system, high Strength and High Load Capacity, Faster Construction, All-weather Construction, Design Flexibility and Streamlined Construction at Site


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