Part 3 : Heavyweight Industrialized Building System


Main topic for lecture today is Heavyweight Industrialized Building System but the sub topic is Jack block. From the topic I guessed that is some topic that maybe used some machine. The heavyweight industrialized building System re divided into 4 categories are Jack block (British), Lift Slab (British), Heart (Scandinavia) and Short Concrete (Dutch). So, after the lecture was finish, I knew there have other methods to push up the building component in construction period. 
The principle is the basis of the erection technique is the construction of the top floor of the building first, followed by jacking up, fixing of curtain walling, partitions and other finishing operations. Successive floors are constructed at ground level and the whole floor is jacked up until it has reached its final height. The block of flats is constructed upon a structural hollow core which houses the services, lifts & staircases. The jacks are under this core and the floor is cantilevered out from it on its 4 sides. The construction of each floor is based on 4 pre-tensioned concrete beams supported directly on the walls of the core.  The spaces between the main beams are filled with secondary beams.

      credit to Ar. Embong( pp)

The advantages to used this system are the construction takes place at ground level (it will save cost and time), the progress is not affected by weather condition once the foundation completed and roof slab cast also the finishing trades work concurrently with the formation of the structural frame.
Now, let learned about the Lift Slab (British) system. The principle of this system is the method is based on the fact that it is easier to cast concrete at ground floor than high up.  The floors are cast on the ground, using a separating medium between individual slabs, and then lifted up to the final positions by means of jacks, where they are permanently connected to the columns.
And the advantages of this system is easier to cast floors one of top of the other without having to erect, dismantle and clean soffit moulds (possible to cast individual floor every 2 days) (cost & time saving.), Environmental friendly - the lifting operation is very quiet, thus reduce the noise pollution, and Possible to cover the entire building site once the columns have been erected, thus make the site weatherproof.
Nest lecture will be discussed about Lightweight IBS. =)

Simple diagram of the system construction
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