Part 4 : Lightweight Building System


After I knew the information of the Heavyweight Industrialized Building System, now is turn to learn about the Lightweight Industrialized Building System. To me the easy way to justified the 2 system is heavyweight system it relates to the concrete (material) compare to the lightweight. It used the steel as a main material into the building. It also called the structural steel system and develops by SCOLA (the Second Consortium of Local Authorities). It was applied with 3 technique steel elements consist of Stanchions, Flooring beams and Long span beams for roof.

So what is Stanchions? Stanchions is a 5.5 in square of 4 angles welded into open box form by means of steel batten spacers, providing longitudinal slots at each of the 4 faces to permit connection to the beams using bolts & nuts. 
credit to Ar.Embong (pp)

Next technique are used Flooring beam which is 1000mm centre to centre (c/c), every 3rd or 4th beam  being connected directly to the stanchions.  Intermediate beams are connected to the main beams spanning the gaps between the stanchions. All floor beams are 450mm in depth.
credit to Ar.Embong (pp)

Next are the long span beams for roof. The flat top beams of 750mm depth.  Maximum for long span is 11,000mm for 11 modules beam.  The longest may exceed 15 modules.  They are cross-reinforced with lattice steelwork. It’s quite hard to understand but I tried so hard to remember the techniques. (T.T) (please don’t sleep dano…)

 credit to Ar.Embong (pp)

Here is another lightweight industrialize Building System is the Swedish Tech-built System (STS) .It is the method was first developed by 2 Swede architects, L G Sernebald and B Skarin.  Widely used in the USA under licensed. The system can be applied for the rapid erection of houses, factories, offices & schools with maximum height of 2 floors.

 Huh! Fuhh…hard to remember… but I have tried to slowly understand the concept of this technique. Next chapter please….- 2010259282

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