Part 5 : Speculative


There have only 2 another topic to recover by me. After finish this journal, I will do my own revision to refresh back the entire IBS topic. So for the next chapter I will write about the speculative housing. There have 2 sub topic will discuss. There is Industrialized Building System in Composite Construction and another one is the industrialized Building System Rationalized System in Speculative Housing. So first, I will start to cover Industrialized Building System in Composite Construction. Actually in composite construction are combination of 2 type of system ( conventional + pre-cast/IBS) which consists of building frame (column & beam) of steel or pre-cast concrete and floor of in-situ RC concrete, Building frame (column & beam) of steel or in-situ concrete and floor of pre-cast concrete (pre-stressed if span more 6m) and another one is Building main frame (column, beam, floor, core walls, party walls, staircase) of in-situ using pre-fabricated steel formwork, combined with pre-cast elements such as cladding.
Pre-fabricated steel formwork is used to manufacture (in-situ) column, beam, floor, wall, staircase and others. There have some advantages if used this kind of methods. Here I listed the advantages of this system which is Unbeatable Strength, Greater Savings, Easy On-Site Handling, Speedy, Safe Construction and In-situ components act as fastener

Next lesson I learned the sub topic in speculative housing there are the industrialized Building System Rationalized System in Speculative Housing. So first of all I should know the meaning of Rationalized System is To built estates of houses to a tight budget and still make a profit, extensive rationalization and prefabrication techniques are used by the developer. All crews have a daily work schedule that is planned to the nearest minute. The famous project that used this system is the John Long estate in Phoenix, Arizona.  The developer was able to offer in 1963 a 1390 sq ft 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom bungalow for USD9, 750, completed with the price of land and extensive landscaping.

The construction method are divided into 17 steps and there are Ground Clearing, Foundation Works, Drainage & Water Supply, Floor Slab, External Wall, Internal Wall, Roof Trusses, Roof Board, Roof Finishes, Ceiling, Drywall Joints, Window, Door, Internal fittings, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, External Works and last is the Landscape works. The features of this system are all prefab fittings are made with fully automated machines, the men are moved along the production line and intense specialization is practiced at site that each team of men only carry out one specific job and their work is completely pre-planned. The disadvantages for this lesson I got only 2 too sheared here. There are the mass production applies only to bungalow construction only and another one is For the construction of 2 storey that the ground floor using this method meanwhile the top floor using is fabricated entirety in the factory, then lifted to its final position. - 2010259282

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