Part 6 : Cladding


The final topic is Cladding. It divided into 4 types of material and there is Pre-cast Concrete Cladding, Metal Composite cladding, Non Metal Cladding and GRC Cladding, So for the first is Pre-Cast Concrete Cladding that the cladding is actually is a reinforced concrete unit. It is the mixture of cement, aggregates, sand and water with reinforcement bars. Finishes can include acid-etched, smooth or coarse ground, grit or sand-blasted, rubbed or polished. Here I listed the feature of this kind of cladding. Panel is cast face-downwards in metal or fibreglass formworks. Formworks can be easily adjusted so that maximum use can be made of each basic formwork, further contributing to cost savings. It also maximum use of off-site fabrication is being made by fixing other elements and by inserting mats or rods in the base of the formwork different designs and effects can be created. The advantage is faster construction schedule, high quality control standards and also has a high quality finish that can be left exposed.

Second is the GRC Cladding. It is formulated with a cement and fine aggregate mix containing 5% of 25mm-long glass fibre strands. The third one is Metal Composite Cladding which is a procedure in which a layer of metallic coating is adhered to a panel by means of mechanical or metallurgic process. Cladding can be used with metallic as well as with non-metallic materials.

Overall about IBS I had sheared with u guys. Such a good construction methods that we can apply into all the project in our country. So all the topic I have recover as good as possible that I can and next is I want to do my own revision before exam start. =) 

~ the end ~- 2010259282

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